This website will be about me blogging about the bullshit I go through in the SEO game. This will be more of a personal blog. To anyone that finds this somehow or somewhere you will have to put the pieces to the puzzle to find out who the real person is. I have added a block on the website Identity in case someone tries to figure me out. This will be a big mystery. Even the people that are close to me will not now. I really hope one day someone in the distant future will put this together and begin to unravel the hidden treasure there about to receive.


This website will be filled with secret code and private links that will help you uncover the true identity of me. The individual behind this website.


My plans include trying to take over the SEO world. I would love to be crowned king for my 8 money sites. I would love to see these puppies on first page and first place. Hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run. This is just the beginning of my mysterious run on


I will try and blog everyday to provide you with some kind of entertainment.



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